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 Peering Plateau; Arick's Rules

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Peering Plateau; Arick's Rules Empty
PostSubject: Peering Plateau; Arick's Rules   Peering Plateau; Arick's Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2011 12:43 am

Peering Plateau

Arick has some special rules for you horses that want to join his herd!
Peering Plateau; Arick's Rules 4ln6nd


All mares must be respectful for Arick and each other, he will kick you out if you don't.

When your colt is over the age of two, he will be kicked out. No questions asked, and no begging or else you will also be kicked out.

Mating with other stallions in his her is prohibited, if you come already in foal, that is accepted.

If he wins you, you go over to him without hesitation.


Stallions may be in his herd up to the age of two years old.

He will care for every colt like his own, if under the specific age.

Arick will take on any challenge, if you win you get the territory and mares. If he wins, he can badly injure you, or run you off.

If Arick challenges another stallion for his mares, he will usually be merciful and spare your life. If not, he's just having a really bad day!

Over All

If a stallion wins, you will gladly go over to the other stallion. No buts, ifs, or ands about it.

You listen to my rules or you get the boot, thats just how it is.

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Peering Plateau; Arick's Rules
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